Scanning films

    From the distant and not very distant past, many families keep old photographic films (negatives) and slides (positives). Well, if there is good equipment, where you can watch slides, captured pleasant events. And if there is no such opportunity, but really want to share memories with children, grandchildren, friends? In addition, it is now almost impossible to make printouts from photographic films - for a long time the photo centers have switched to digital photo equipment.

    Come to us! On professional equipment, photographic films or slides will be scanned, the photographic material at your request will be saved on digital media, recorded on disk or sent to you by e-mail. And it does not matter at all - black and white negatives or color ones.

    If your negatives (positives) were mechanically damaged or suffered during storage - much can be corrected: shift the center of the photo, cut off the accidentally caught in the frame.