Photo Restoration

   Many have old photos. Someone they are well preserved, someone not very. But photography is the memory of someone or something and really want to keep it in good, if not perfect, condition. For this, the restoration of the photos was invented in order to restore the former appearance of the "memory".

During the restoration of the photograph, defects such as scratches, bends, chips, or the absence of any fragment are removed (this is a rather difficult problem, but mostly solvable).

The result is a result similar to what the photo was like, being new.

Unfortunately, not all photos are fully restored. Sometimes there are photographs that time did not spare and they appear before us almost destroyed.

But some photos still manage to give a second life, though not in its original form.

And some photos, despite the time attempts to destroy them, can be restored almost to its original state

The main thing is that the "base" of the photo was intact! It turns out about what we needed.

Also, old photos can "return" colors.