Color recovery

    Many already know that black and white photographs can be “made” in color. But not many know about some subtleties.

    The main subtlety is that in fact it is impossible to restore the color of a black-and-white photo, which would not have been told by various sources!

    Then the question arises - how do b / w photos are made in color?

    In fact, they are simply painted! Why can not restore? Because, for example, red and blue in the b / w version have the same shade of gray, which means it remains only to guess what color was originally. But for convenience and understanding, the service is called “color restoration”.

    Sometimes you want our "old" b / w photo to find the colors they were then, at the time of shooting. We are engaged in this service, quite interesting. The client is required only the material (photo) and, in fact, an idea of ​​the desired colors (hair, eyes, skin, clothes and background color, although the latter is not necessary) what they were.
    Next comes the "revitalization" of the photo. It takes on colors and becomes no longer familiar to us, which we remember, but in color.

    Here you can also clarify the fact that you can experiment with colors. This is sometimes quite interesting: change the color of your eyes, hair, clothes or even your skin color. But one thing remains the same - it is the spirit of the times. After all, even when painted, the old photo leaves this zest in itself, which is actually (in my opinion) not a minus!

    Also, the photo can be artistically decorated.